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7 Colors Challenge Feature

Sat Jun 13, 2015, 8:42 PM
The 7 Days Color Challenge ended last Friday and now it's time for features and winners!

Thank you one last time for joining! If it wasn't for you there would be no challenge at all. I'm amazed by the number of entries and your determination to complete it! Congratulations to all of you, I'm so proud to see the rainbows created by the 7 Colors Challenge Heart:icon7colorsbadge:

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre As promised, I chose 4 of my favorite projects and gave 120 points to each one of them. Here they are (in no particular order):


My favorite feature of hikolol35's project is that he was able to to use similar aesthetics even though he chose different themes for his 7 days. In other words, he was able to adapt to different situations using his own style. Congrats man! :clap: 


DamaiMikaz used her own characters from her Project Emion to show each color, if not only that she challenged herself to do it in 2 hours time (!!!). My compliments to her on the ability to create a mood on the whole drawing using each day's theme color. :clap:


I loved how simple and original Kaiyo-chi kept her project. Using a fruit for each color, she ended her 7 Days with a Fruits Salad which was very clever - despite being cute too. :clap:


DivisionHappy says besides its profile picture "Artist and Storyteller". Storytelling is what captivated me the most about its work. Every single entry seems full of emotion and meaning. They also contain an unique use of color so it was very pleasing to follow each submission. :clap:

 Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Hall of Fame

Choosing only 4 to win the points prize was so hard it took me the whole day really :XD: . Here are some of the best drawings from those who completed the 7 Days Colors Challenge. I tried to feature the maximum people I could but deviantART has a limit of images per journal entry. Congrats everyone! :icon7colorsbadge:

:bulletred: Best from Red Day:

yDay 1: Gatorade by SomeMonsterFangirlRed Day by White-StarcloudRed by jadethestoneDay 1: Red Cardinal by Johayna474Day 1: Red by OcteapiPlanet holder by Deviantcupcake01Scizor by manonfruitaapGalaxy Headphones ~RED VERSION~ by meriimerodii7 Days Color Challenge - Day 2: Orange by miki-chaanApple by Arpiniko7 Days Color Challenge: Red: Poke ball Bookmark by n-lynn-c#1 - A violist by lbrndRed- Meeting. by Punkn13Forest Fire by Misty-DragonflySpicy bullets by BravoCrowSunset Girl (Red) - 7 Days Color Challenge by 4536797 Days Color Challenge : Day 1 - Red by AZKuronekoColor Challenge day 1- Red by 887pinkRed Haired by HsinWuFire Dragon by VISIONARYGirlDay 1 color challenge! by SakiSatoRed: Tokyo Ghoul by TogaochiLatias - Red by JettersfreakColor: Red by Violently-Chaotic7 Days Color Challenge - Red: Wrath by evincaThe Red Forest by awesomeyunaRed as a Rose by KrazehKittehKatRed - 7 Days Color Challenge. Little sad red by kanegasukiDareDevil. by TheZeelCrimson Rose by Lempikah

:bulletorange: Best from Orange Day:

[orange] Splatoon by marimariakutsuButterflies by kaela098Mortal Kombat by ian-has-a-nice-ass7dcc:orange by shibishibOrange_Color Challenge by Cathematics7 Days Color Challenge - Carrot's Queen by HarenderCripancioDay 2: Orange by TailorOfLight2 - Orange Day by Soul-no-kami7 days color challenge- orange by NicoTopinDay 2: Orange by serkunetOrange is the Color of Contentedness by MissChurro102Orange Saturday by 8ananaPeelsDay 2: Orange by Meeps-ChanNeku Sakuraba (Orange) by luvaddict77Color Day 2: Autumn by KikyoTheHetalia#82 - Looking to the Orange Sun by ageha-nachtDay Two: Orange (Pumpkin Princess) by PrincessSakura258Oriole by Serenity127787 Day Color Challenge for Picolo-Kun: ORANGE by CartoonsforeverDay 2:Orange by Skull-sanColor Challenge Day 2- Orange by Cherry-17Chasing the Sunset by GlacialFalls7 days color challenge: Orange by TableboxDrawerDay #2 - Orange by ShpuggyChallenge Day 2- Orange Day by InkDrawnDreamerTame the Flames (DAY 2) by TakoKazeOrange - You're not alone by natsukaniMK by Realmn7 days Color Challenge:Day 2:Orange by bearboymcg

:bulletyellow: Best from Yellow Day:
Yellow - 7dChallenge - SOUVENIRS D'ITALIE by CocotteMeColor Challenge Day 3-Dancing through time  by Smilingchesirethe Sun Elf by JoannaMoory7 Days Color Challenge (Yellow) by freeflightxPika Family by KatKristineYellow bacon pancakes by Dziwna-LogikaHeiwajima Shizuo by RaaizenFFXV : prompto by atutchaI can see you by WalkingMoonPride by TrollcreaKResent the Owl by coconutmooseShrimps and Lemons by OdetteryColour Challenge: Yellow by Ice-LuoXueBe Happy! by LeaseHartSunflower by Lunalli-ChanSunset Shimmer by TheNornOnTheGoDay 3 - Yellow by DiegoAGM-All lights on- by k2-kunDay 3 : YELLOW - Palette Challenge by MinaChawnFox Fire ~Yellow by ValicexandxFenrisYellow Sunflower by SilverNoxDragon Dreams by TheLostTargaryenLights of insanity. by Auvomieli7 Days Colour Challenge: Yellow (with lines) by abjectionzYellow - 'Fraidy Cat by The-Darkwolf

:bulletgreen: Best from Green Day:

CPC: Green by DelusionalLove7 Days Color Challenge: Day4 by raflaelDay 4: GREEN tree by TheTailedArtist7 Days Color Challenge: Day 4 - Green by Suncelia-not such a hot day- by noruokiGreen by ChinMa7days color challenge_forest spirit_day 4_green by TsuuchiiiGreen - 7 Days Color Challenge by ChowkarouDay 4: Green by ChitsuuLittle Miss Badass by GroceryStorePhobicSeven Days of Color- Green by Silverheart-Nine7 Days Color Challenge - Green by HoshisamaValmorScaly Cape by Chocolate-WingsColor challenge: day 4 by Akuno-HanaGreen by LittlePaintedCatGreen Day by BwaarfGreen Calm in the forest Color Day 4 by JendaliaDay 4. Green by LMushrimp7 Day Color Challange:Green by NagareboshiHime7 Days Color Challenge - Green by xXNejiten4everXxDA-Maze [7 Days Color Challenge-Day 4] by Pascua-Tanya7 Days Color Challenge Green by Cannelle-Lapin

:bulletblue: Best from Blue Day:

Blue Day - Shirai and Nikaido by oodellDay 5: Blue - Ramiel by MrMarkozDay 5 (Blue): Teiko Days by KittyPleasanceDay 5 - Blue by mirecarrotColor Challenge day 5 Blue by Yume-angel-96Mermaid Blue by VividDreams13#110 Blue Paradise by ZerolutionAurora borealis by ALorenteDay 5: Blue by SorioffantasyBowerbird, Bowerbird, Shall This Suffice? by lubylulaWhere art thou ? by WinyletitpandaDay5*Blue by BCruzinDreaming of see (Day 5: Blue) by NamiAnArtDay 5- Blue Bird by CachorritaEstrella(2-5) Euphoria by OneWithTheStarsLapis Color Challenge Day 5 by mermaid554Blue Day - Sapphire by re1kojoteBlue by Hydraisbackamerican blue oldtimer by KuromoriRei7 days of color challenge: Day5 by AstaraBriarartBlue Macaws by AlexiaG94Day 5 - The Door by BloomingSunshineThe Bard (+ Video) by UnistonenBeautiful Blue Night by PureAngelDragon713Day 5: Blue - Something Blue by RuneWolfe13Space Jello by Sapphira-AdiRiver by SploppDay 5 - BLUE: The magic of a story by Frankychan1Ocean by Brain-DimensionsHowl's Moving Castle by SiestalanRain (blue) by snowy-mistStrands of Stars by LunaIntegritykiss of cosmod by Xtreme-sTVBlue by noraibzBlue Popsicle by Fadafne

:bulletpurple: Best from Purple Day:

Day Purple : Sailor Saturn by gniaoPurple that Follows by Lajean-RaSpyro-7 Days of Color Challenge by rainy2142March Eridan by WaverippleRelax by morganwtb11Purple Day : ..welp? by Alleriawolf7 Days Color Challenge - Day 6 - Purple - Impa by HighHuntingHawkGengar by StickyPaladinPurple by Eleven013Nectar Guppy by MyonArtJenna Purple by Beltharas69Purple- Day 6 by NightlovesbirdsPurple by Chaine-x7 Days Color Challenge: Purple by LilybytePurple Hydrangea by MommaCat236 - Purple Abyss by Calluna-Draconis(6) Royal Purple -day151- by BirdHimePurple  Man In Purple Hat by Monkeykid1000Purple by SinajeiDark mysteries by skyserpent14Day Six, Purple: Midnight Atop a Gargoyle by SwirlyCat1477 Days color challenge - Day 6 : Purple by ValictiniPurple by akira789P U R P L E by popolisDay 6 Purple Guardian of the City by AriBlueJPicolokun color challenge: Violet by Persea-NouveauDay 6: Purple by Paul-RabbitNot just a sea storm by axeloilWinter's Breath by MidnightTiger8140Purple Dreamer by ZakuraWolfepurple by lushan7 Days Color Challenge Day 6 -Purple Cemetery Hill by Narmita08Purple by OrliluChallenge 6 = Purple by Fluffymausi-chanA Genie to Dream of by Direction-Tru3N0rthLast Unicorn-Purple by NeonNekoHime

:bulletpink: Best from Pink Day:

You're the only friend I need by FantomteDay 7: Cotton candy by Ero-Harup i n k // i a by kouyuun7 days challenge - Pink by OskanaBubblegum by Whim-N-WonderDay 7: Pink MAGICAL unicorn by ElzaPoveePawDay 7 - Pink: #S016 Fairies Pond by IcedNalyPink Challenge by tacomekit729Rose by endless-possibiltiesNurse Shark by DwimmerCrafterColour Challenge - Pink by theartydragon7 Color Challenge - Pink by TheScarlet17-Pink by Malinka00Pink by xZombieCandyPink by WilliamtheDorkDay 7- Pink by Engineering-DoxieFin... by windflame02Pink Blacksmith by MichaelHoweArtsRose maze by fireytikaColor Challenge Day 7: Pink by Florosco99.:Pink by ellah2698



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0xesart Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
very nice art :)
DEV-Quickening Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
If you don't mind me asking, what are the tools that you use for your doodles? They're all great BTW.
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Denis-V Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I`m truly impressed with your coloring. Your art really shines through color. :D
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Hierarchy-of-Comex Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Your artwork and talent is amazing, but I'm sure you know that. Your doodles? Way too professional to be placed in that group! Maybe they're more around the "Masterpieces of All Mankind" group, or maybe the "Worth a Whole Lot" category? In other words, thank you for all your artwork and congrats on perfecting your craft. By the way, what happens when you filled all the pages in a journal. I wouldn't mind keeping one if you're interested in hand-me-downs. 😄 (Just a joke, I'm not seriously asking for one)
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MMA62 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your art is amazing! I would favorite it all but there is so much awesomeness that that would take a really long time. Love 
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Fairutale Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just wanted so say your art is so amazing and never stop! :la: 
If you ever open commissions I hope I will have the money and an idea of what I wanna commission ; w ;
You also inspire me sososososo much > v <
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Wifflin Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been wondering
Do you play the piccolo?
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NarutoTomboy Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Student Artist
I love your's always something new,and i feel happy looking at them. Don't ever stop! :D
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WolfOnCrack Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
It's been almost a good at least 2 years since the last time I drew something. Every time I see you post something new, I get the urge to draw. The bad thing about this is that it always happens while I'm at work haha. But keep up with the posts. You're probably one of my favorite artists. :)
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end-of-god Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Am a biggggg fun >_<
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